Origin and iCloud in Sonoma

Just updated to Sonoma and I am seeing a biiiig problem with linking Origin/HQP/Amarra to folders in iCloud. Before now, you could ask the player to scan your iCloud/Music drive and it would just pick up the stuff that was already downloaded on your computer and put that in the library. What I am seeing now is that the player (all of them) tries to DL everything that is in the folder before loading the library. This is how OneDrive works as well, which has made it unusable for me for streaming the music I own. I hope there is some way around this, but for now I have to make sure each album is in a separate iCloud folder, DL it, then point the player directly at that one file. PITA.

Just an addendum: adding folders for each album doesn’t work. After adding about 20 folders there’s a flag that it’s reached the limit the OS can monitor. The solution is to just let it scan the whole of your music folder (which takes time unless you have great internet) and don’t touch that library. I don’t love it that I have all my music in the library all the time, I had a workflow where I changed up the library to make myself explore my music more. But it’s fine, it’s probably the standard way and isn’t a pain if people have fast internet. No problem here, just mentioning it in case other people use iCloud to store their music. Audirvana actually does a good job of adding albums to the library as they come down the pipe. HQP it looks like you have to wait til it has downloaded everything in the folder until you can add it to the library which is really not practical.