Origin can't see my Yamaha NP-S303 Streamer

Hi, I have recently upgraded from Legacy to Origin.
Legacy connected to my Yamaha NP-S303 Streamer fine. Origin is not showing it as an output.
I can ping the Yamaha from my Mac, so I know the network connection is valid (and I can connect to the Streamer via the Yamaha MusicCast app). I have tried via both Ethernet and WiFi connections and the Yamaha fails to show as an Output in both methods.

Anyone have any ideas what else I can try or why this isn’t working?

Have you tried to disable the firewall?

Thanks for the idea but there is no firewall active on this side of the router. Also, firewall would stop ping if it was blocking that device. Mac firewall is set to allow full access and all communications.

Weirdly, the Yamaha streamer appeared (briefly) on the output list in the Origin client but then disappeared when I tried to select it. It hasn’t come back so far.

Maybe the devices are on different wi-fi networks. Try to connect everything via cable.