Origin Database file

Is the AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite (version 3.0.7) compatible with AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite (Origin) ?

Can I drop the old one into the Library folder to get the music data and cover art across into Origin?


Hello @supersonic,

Isn’t the database file called AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2 ? Actually when you go form the old version to Audirvāna Origin, there is an automatic conversion of the old file that is being made so you do not loose anything.

But if you end up with an error like the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file is corrupted, please come back here and I will give you the procedure to get rid of this error.

You don’t have to do this, the conversion process takes all of the information you have in the AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite to create the new AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file.

and the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite to AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2 ? Is there also an automatic conversion ?

No you don’t have one in this way, it’s only one way, we can’t revert it.

OK, thanks for the quick response.

I use both Audirvana 3.5.51 and Origin and I would like to scan/resync only one time. I will see if scanning/updating the 3.5.51 database + conversion in Origin is the fastest way to keep both databases synchronized.

It depends on what you do but if you create playlists in Audirvāna Origin and you want it in 3.5, you will need to export it. If it’s adding new tracks in a synchronized folder you have in both 3.5 and Audirvāna Origin, it should work properly and the conversion process has nothing to do with it.

Thanks Antoine,

I guess I jumped the gun here. I have now successfully installed the demo of Origin on both of my machines (MacBook Pro OS 10.15 and MacMini OS 12) and without doing anything with the old 3.0.7 database file, Origin has happily added all artwork, correct categories etc. Brilliant. I’ll remake my playlists in Origin later. Everything about Origin is great for me…the sound data stream is definitely improved into my RME DAC. The interface is lovely. I dig the HD track analysis and menu views.

I am still asked to login ONLINE whenever I open Origin on either machine. How do I make this stop so that I can open the app with no internet connection? Will this stop when I finalise my Origin purchase?

Thanks, Dave

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When you go from a computer to the other, we do ask for your login credentials each time to make sure your account can use Audirvāna Origin. We had request to change this but I can’t give you a guarantee it will be done and when it will be done if its the case.