Origin - issue move to new Mac

I moved to a new Mac. I am unable to activate my Origin license on my new Mac. When I go to my account page (it shows the receipt ) I can only buy a new Origin license.

Could you please help?

PS I have two licenses one for Studio and for Origin

Send a mail to support@audirvana.com

Thanks, have done that already. Very annoying issue.
To be frankly, it makes me mad as hell. I pay and have paid for two licenses to enjoy to software to find out in a weekend when support does not respond, that a simple move from my old to my new Mac cannot be resolved.

Yes of course it can be resolved. But sadly not by a forum member. There is nothing you can do right now, so getting mad is just a waste of time. Monday you will get a response for sure. I also flag @Antoine from Audirvana support here, so maybe he will answer this post (probably on Monday) too.
Also check your mail spam box. It happened to me a couple of times that Audirvana’s responses went straight to the spam.


What message exactly do you get, do you have a print screen? One of the advantages of the new licensing method is that using and installing on multiple devices has become a lot easier.

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On my former Mac I deactivated the license for Audirvana Origin. I migrated with the help MacOS Migration Assistant. Then I opened Audirvana Origin on my new Mac then the below sequence of messages appear. Though I purchased a license for Audirvana Origin in the past

(the Audirvana Studio license is for the Mac in the living room. Much to my surprise, the account page indicates I would have paused my Studio license license, which I definitely did not, despite my anger abt this process, I am a very happy Audirvana user)

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-10-14 om 15.39.27

Then I sign in on this page:

Then this message is displayed
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-10-14 om 15.40.43

The account page show this:
[the connected device is the Mac running Audirvana Studio]

The receipts show that I ‘purchased’ both licenses

When I go to ‘Buy Origin’ it shows

However this concerns Origin that I run on the Mac in my study

Well, my better half is listening to music with Studio… I fully understand that a relatively small company does not have support in the weekend.
As concerns log in, I use the e-mail adress (which was changed by Audirvana on my request)

The connected device is the Mac running Audirvana Studio, not the one that is intended to be running Origin

Sorry, I do not understand your remark abt record keeping

This morning I activated Audirvana 3.5 with the original license key.
My problem concerns Audirvana Origin (the version without streaming with a single payment)

Is the Origin license not still available on your old email account? Can you still log in to myAudirvana with your previous email address?

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Despite the old e-mail adress being changed by Audirvana (on my request), I tried to login with my old e-mail adress. I renewed the pw [a bit of a struggle because the pw that Apple suggests is not allowed by Audirvana for being too long :thinking:]
I then accessed the old(er) account. I downloaded again the software and installed it again (??). Logged in again with the old(er) e-mail adress. And YES it works again.

Many thanks for you help Jacob, you set me on the right path to find the solution.
have a nice weekend,


It then appears that the current Studio license has been successfully transferred to the new account, but Origin has not. (Is Studio’s account correct?)

Could it be that the Origin on your previous Mac was still logged in with the old account, but you only noticed that after the reinstallation?

Just ask support if they want to check this.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the music.

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I think so.
Yes the Studio account is correct, however it incorrectly indicates that I would have paused the subscription which I did not (and which I do not want to).

What seems a bit strange then is that the receipt for Origin was correctly transferred to the new account…

I don’t remember which login I used with Origin on the old Mac

Hi @ThijsA, I can see the mail you use to log to the forum is the one with the Audirvāna Origin license key linked to it.

I found the mail you used for the account with the Audirvāna Studio subscription, would you like to transfer your Audirvāna Origin to the account with Audirvāna Studio?

Good morning Antoine,
Yes please. I would appreciate have all information concerning all three licenses (Studio, Origin and 3.5.2) in one account. Thank you.

I handled this, you now have everything under the mail you used to get your Audirvāna Origin purchase :wink:

Thanks very much Antoine. I would appreciate if you could help on the other issue mentioned above:

Much to my surprise, the account page indicates I would have paused my Studio license license, which I definitely did not , since I am a very happy Audirvana user

I assume the licenses are automatically renewed, or is my understanding incorrect?

It’s automatically renewed, can you send a screenshot as a private message when you see this in your account?