Origin Smart Playlist Issues

Hi, having some pre-purchase concerns with Origin and playlists. Long ago I used to use iTunes/BitPerfect as playlist and metadata management worked so well for me. With Audirvana 3.5 using iTunes playlists it had an 8 second delay on every click so I created many smart playlists instead. With Origin, iTunes list sync renders Origin useless. Hangs forever with the beachball. Are there plans to speed this up?

  • Also - in 3.5 there was a keyboard shortcut to create a smart playlist. Can you PLEASE put this back in Origin? I have > 1300 smart playlists, would really like to see this again! It is there for regular playlists but not smart ones.

  • Overall the new playlist editor/manager is awkward and clumsy. I am rebuilding my smart lists after an incident and have over 700 more to create. Silly things like adding a smart list can rename the containing folder unless I wait about 3 seconds between changes/additions. I have to double-click on fields to make an entry etc. Using 3.5 to create my lists again for now and will try Origin down the road in hopes that this is cleaned up a bit with an update.

For now I am staying with 3.5 in hopes that Origin matures a bit! I really do like the new look and features. It sounds good too! But for now 3.5 just works better for me. Running 2014 Mac Mini, 8GB, OS 12.3.1 on SSD. Library is > 81K tracks and on non-SSD drive. Music app database file is 1.24GB on SSD.

John M, Calgary, Canada

I will see what we can do about it with Damien as soon as possible.

When you click on the icon to create a playlist, you should only have to start typing to change the name of the playlist, can you confirm this on your side?

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Thanks for the quick reply Antoine!

Having that keyboard shortcut would be great. Also, when creating a new playlist in the editor - yes, I start typing to input a name. It defaults to regular playlist which I never use. Would it be possible to be able to select smart playlists as default in preferences one day? I would really use it! Not a big deal but would be nice.

OK, so I create a new smart list by clicking the icon, put in a name and filters. What is really annoying is that if another list or folder is highlighted, as the last new list will be, it also gets renamed to the new name I enter. This means that every time I create a list I must exit the editor and start again. (I don’t seem to be able to unselect the previous list except by exiting the editor) This is really annoying if I step away and forget the last list I named that is renamed, as I have to find it and rename it back again. I hope I am clear on this… Still have to double-click on Add Rule for it to work. For now I prefer 3.5 when creating hundreds of smart lists.

Thanks, John M.

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I see the issue as I have been able to reproduce it on my side. Will be fixed in the next update of Audirvāna Origin.

I am relieved to hear that Antoine! Thanks for staying with me on this, sometimes problems are hard to get to show. I very much look forward to the next update. It probably won’t be before my trial ends this week but I will be looking for the notification and change log.


John M.

I still have this issue. I have no idea how to really create a new Smart Playlist and not to make changes to the one that was just playing or selected. :frowning: