OTHER ALBUMS is of no interest

The “Other Albums” section at bottom of screen provides a series of albums Audirvana chooses because it thinks they are similar to the current album playing. There is no connection between these two instances. Can I please elect to either (a) not have anything in that place, or (b) choose what criteria to show, ie. my criteria.

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Hello @philipjohnson,

Can you send a screenshot of this?

Hi @Antoine

Here is a screen shot.



This example shows all are “. 70” albums. But other examples are a mixture. Where is the criteria for the selection source?

Also… Since Origin 2 installed the song titles and other columns are shortened. There is room for them.



I see the other albums come from artist metadata.

Can that be changed to Genre?


I see now the “OTHERS” is sourced alphabetically fron Album artist… I have now added some entries in that metadata space to suit my taste for “OTHERS”.

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