Output to ps audio ds sr dac using ethernet

Old audirvana user, currently Roon user, but looking at audirvana again. Currently I run Roon from my Mac and connect to my ps audio ds sr dac using Ethernet and it works great. If I replace Roon with audirvana on the Mac, will I be able to use Ethernet to communicate to the dac? A while back, it looked like you were having problems with Ethernet tat he’d dacs.
Also, I share my music files from a shared drive on a Mac server, can I point audirvana to the same music files without updating files so I can still use Roon for all my other endpoints in the house.

You should be able to stream to the PS Audio DAC. You need to test for compatibility with Audirvana but it should work.

You can use the same source for the files for Roon and Audirvana, this is how I use it too, though my music is stored on a NAS.

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