Output volume stuck to -6db for SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo streamer


I use the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo streamer with the Audirvana software and noticed that the output volume is always set to -6db with that device and cannot be changed.

  • Is there a specific reason why the output volume is -6db instead of 0db with all other devices?
  • Is it possible to edit this value and set it to 0 to make this device play as loud as all other devices connected to Audirvana?

Moving the volume slider to increase/decrease/mute the volume has no effect whatsoever.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I believe you have to go to MPD & DLNA settings in Eunhasu OS and change the mixer type to software in order to change the volume in Audirvana.

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Hi Rune,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I don’t want to change the volume via the software (which I do via my amplifier): I just want the volume to be unchanged (0db) to preserve a bitperfect audio stream that plays as loud as it should be (and as loud as it is when I connect the PC/Audirvana directly to the DAC).

Okay I understand.
I think it is just a glitch in the Audirvana software that shows -6dB when there is actually no attenuation at all. I get this as well.

By the way, since you also use the sotm 200 ultra neo, have you experienced any problems with playback in Audirvana?
I am experiencing alot of problems, and I don’t know whether it is an issue with Audirvana or Eunhasu, or maybe my old laptop. Or perhaps a combination of everything :smile:

I’m using SOtM sms200 Neo with Audirvana too, but it works fine.
What kind of issues are you experiencing?

Thanks for chiming in Stefano.

Where do I start, I have lots of issues.
Playback; track doesn’t always start when I press play, often jumps 5-10 seconds ahead in the middle of a track, stops playing before end of track and doesn’t continue to the next track. Will not skip to nect track when I press next button. And the worst is when the music suddenly is replaced by loud whitenoise, I jump in my chair when this happens. Track keeps playing, but white noise instead of music. All these issues are intermittent, happens randomly.
Looses connection with Tidal often, I have to log in again.

I love the sound quality of Audirvana, but cannot purchase a license with all these issues happening.

To start from clean you could uninstall MPD, reboot, then install MPD again, configure it and try again with Audirvana

And uninstall any other service

May I ask Stefano, what are your settings for MPD&DLNA in Eunhasu?
Seems that both you and the threadstarter are using Audirvana without issues, so my problems must be with either settings in Eunhasu or my laptop/network…

The configuration is very simple … see attached file

Oops I just realised I am using the OP’s thread to sort out my own problems, sorry about that!
I will continue this in my own thread and reply to you there Stefano.

Actually there is an attenuation, that’s why it is a problem to me. But this is the only problem I have with Audirvana and SOtM.

Okay there is no attenuation with mine even if it says -6dB, so I assumed yours was the same.
Is there consensus about digital attenuation degrading the signal? I guess it depends on how Audirvana’s internal processing is done with the bit depth of the digital volume control.

Well as long as the signal is modified it is no longer bit perfect.

Are you playing DSD, PCM, or converting DSD to PCM? The fact that it’s exactly 6dB makes me thing that it’s somehow DSD related.

Actually I found out that I needed to play with the mixer type setting and set it to « hardware ». It works fine now. :wink:

No, it is not related to the Audirvana setting related to volume reduction when upsampling to DSD.

Actually I also experience cuts and skips while playing DSD. In that case I even have to reboot Audirvana sometimes.

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