Outstanding Sound Quality

I just started playing with the DSP features to upsample to DSD256. The sound quality of Studio makes my Nucleus Plus sound like a sheet has been placed over the speakers.

I am simply blown-away!


Although it is not known what’s really going on, but it sounds great … :smiley:

If you can only enjoy the things that you know how it works and know what’s in it, life becomes a lot less fun.

Enjoy the Music

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Enjoy The Magic

Why would you want a sheet over your speakers?

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I assume he’s happy that Audirvana removed the sheet. The Magic Sheet Remover function

Pillowcase is too small ?

Wilson / Fugly ?

They sound like sheet ?

Yeah, I was really surprised at the sonic differences between Roon and Studio. On my setup, Studio sounds much better-even without the sheet! :grinning:

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Mercman , that’s great to hear you are having a big improvement in your systems performance. It’s easy to chase around looking for hardware and find out it’s diminishing returns. I’m quite pleased as well with Studio 1.7. UpNP still has a few pops and thumps between tracks but sounds so good!

Also great improvement we should recognize is having Antoine being so accessible and efficient, it’s great to have proper support.

Enjoy your music and the magic


May be, it just means that you don’t know how to use or properly configure Roon - don’t you think so?
I suggest you work on it .

Gee, I have been using Roon since 2015. I think I know how to configure it after all this time.

But I’m sure you know best.


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OK - I understend.
But seriously, I can’t believe that for the correct setup, the sound difference could be significantly different (these can be nuances) for any pair of advanced software players.
But we will not settle this dispute - we are simply followers of different religions of sound… :wink:

Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t hear a significant difference. Roon is really special.

Also, I don’t think Roon sounds bad; Studio is just more fun to listen to-for me.