Paid for one year's subscription but can't use Audirvāna

I renewed my Audirvāna Studio membership yesterday and paid $69.99 via and PayPal. According to the Audirvāna website, I have paid my subscription for the next year in full. However, I am unable to use Audirvāna.

The screen that I am getting on the Audirvāna website says the following: “You have paused your Studio Access subscription. The pause will be effective starting 02/11/2024, at the end of the period you already paid for.” I should not be getting this message because, as I have indicated, my subscription for the next year is paid in for in full.

Is there a solution for this problem? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Send a mail to

Hey @Paul4 Welcome. Just another user here, however if you send an email to Audirvana at:

or log in to the website, click assistance from the left menu, click contact us under Mail and it will open your email service.

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Have you disconnected your computer and logged completely out of your Audirvana account, restart computer and give it a new go?

Andy, thank you for your response. I did reach out to Audirvana support, and they directed me here.

I am about to try your suggestion. I will let you know how it goes!

I just logged out of my Audirvana account and restarted my computer. Still no luck. Regardless, I do appreciate your suggestion.

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Audirvana support does work during office hours (not in the weekend). That is probably why you got (per automatic answer??) directed to the forum. Alas it is probably not something forum members can solve. I will flag @Antoine (Audirvana support) here. Probably he will come back to you on this forum, but don’t expect it before monday.

Andy, many thanks for your help on this question!

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Ask for a 3 more days subscription…


I’m not an attorney but I’ve seen one on a television show. I feel that WE may have a strong case for mental anguish. WE will consider any offer over one billion dollars to settle out of court……….and the three days!

Full disclosure: my fees not to exceed 80%


Do you chase ambulances too? :rofl: I want 2 for the price of 1 :wink:


Hi @Paul4,

I’m sorry for this situation. I sorted the issue out, It seems an internal notification didn’t updated your account properly, now you can see your subscription as active :wink:

Antoine, thank you so much for your help!

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