Paragraph spacing


I think I’ve asked this before but could you please implement some paragraph spacing in biographies and reviews. Currently we just get a single monolithic block of text which is very hard to read - especially where this a lot of text.

Many thanks


Yes! Yes! Yes please!

Bravo ! Yes please include font size, colour, and translucent backgrounds are cool but problematic

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Hello @the_bat,

Can you send some examples of a text like you describe? Are you using the MacOS or Windows 10 version? Is it with the normal or large font enabled?

This was using Studio on an M1 iMac with large fonts - small fonts is similar and even less readable.

Can you check on the Qobuz app how it’s displayed?

These are from from Qobuz

Other products (no names) insert a complete blank line between paragraphs, which I think is even better.

Here is what I get in French:

I will need to check this with Damien to understand what is going on depending on the region of the account

Thanks - that layout is what I’d hope to see.

@Antoine - This is happening in Windows (10 & 11) as well. Just an FYI.

Edit : Maybe it’s a code page difference for the different languages, and it’s not picking up the LF / CR characters?

The issue is from Qobuz that do not use the same way to send us the data between the language of the Qobuz account :confused:

We have been able to sort it out, it will be in the next update of Audirvāna Studio for MacOS and Windows.


Thanks Antoine.

On Windows or MacOS? Can you send a screenshot of an example?

Hello @OffRode,

Is it better like this?


Hello @Antoine , Yes I would definitely call that improved !