partial listing of (Tidal) artists

I simply love Audirvana, excellent sound quality and easy integration of Tidal.

However, when browsing my favorite artists or search, the A+ remote (IOS) only shows a partial result, most of it is shown as “loading”.

This issue only pertains to the App, Audirvana itself is functioning just fine…

The same problem here, I can see only a few of my favorite artists in a+ remote. On my Mac all my favorite artists are listed. I am on version 3.5.12.

Possibly similar problem with Qobuz. Album search only shows first screenful of results.


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Is there a fix to this yet? Tidal MyMusic Artists are not loading

I have the same issue for Months now, can we expect a fix any time soon?

I have the same issue. I actually counted the number of artists I get and it is exactly 100. I’m guessing there’s some kind of pagination issue between the iPhone app and the Mac app. It used to work, I’d see it get to a certain point and then fetch more. But some months ago it quit working.

Audirvana, can you fix this please?

I’m still experiencing the same problem, only a smal part of my favourite artists are displayed in the A+ Remote app. Can You fix this please Damien?