Payment problems

I used the trial version and enjoyed it. Once the trial time limit was up I decided to purchase. Clicking the buy now button on the pop up that appears when you open the trial version doesn’t work, nothing happens. So I went to the Audirvana web site and purchased it there, this is where the problems start.

My credit card has been debited but no email with the and no email to confirm the purchase.

I’ve emailed your payment agent 4 times and chatted with the bot on the website, all without success. I get asked the same questions over and over, have provided all the info and all I get from them is there is no record of the transaction. I have a record of the transaction in my bank! I’ve provided paddle with copies but still nothing.

I’m starting to get pretty pissed off and will contact my bank tomorrow and file this as a scam… pls FFS deal with this issue. Why is this so fecking difficult… it’s putting me off any further dealings with this company.

Please contact me and deal with this issue ASAP!

Write to They’ll be able to help you tomorrow. It’s usually a mess up with the email address. Just to be sure, check your spam folder if by any chance it landed there.

Thanks bitracer, I checked the spam folder immediately and repeatly as a lot of good email ends up there. I’ll contact support but it not a great start. I week after payment is made and still everyone says there is no record of payment. I see comments like this all over the internet about, not very encouraging.

There have been few cases like yours. It usually turns out to be a typo in the email.

Be patient, somebody will be able to help you tomorrow.

That was my initial thought, that I had miss-typed my email and I told that. The trouble is they have asked for payment details, card numbers, dates, times, amounts etc, 5 times now and each time say they have details of the transaction which is fairly concerning. I hope this issue is with’s poor systems and audirvana can sort it. By the time you translate the cost to NZD it $156 so a lot of money to through away on a scam. Appreciate your help

Hello @GazzNZ,

We have changed your mail in our database, you should now have received the license key and the receipt from Paddle.

Thanks Damien, much appreciated. Your prompt attention is welcome after getting no-where with I’m enjoying the best streaming music possible once again! Cheers Gary

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