PEQ - best options?

Tried the previous Audirvana a while ago (2+ years) now it’s studio. The only reason for using this is I want to install a PEQ into my streaming sources (primarily Qobuz and maybe Amazon HD in the future again); and whilst Roon has one inbuilt, it’s ridiculously over priced. I really don’t need the library features, and I have no need of the upsampling etc etc. I can’t se any built in DSP in Studio, so what’s a good plug in, and how easy is it to implement?

You find some insights here:

There are many EQ plug-ins available to choose from… “Best” is a relative term… :wink:

OK, any? I’m starting from the basis of easy to use, minimal setup. Even if it’s the first 3 you can think of I can go and research - so far the returns are nebulous. Just like the Audirvarna experience of old tbh :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe quite a few folks here in this community use this:

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