Perpectual Licence deactivated after cancellation of Studio Trial

I have a perpectiual licence for Audirvana Plus Windows 64bit. I installed your studio and realised that I have too many problems with it and decided to uninstall it. Since then my windows software fails to work. It says "Unable to validate licence - Needs internet connection). My internet connection is absolutely fine. Tried to download a fresh version from the community discussion links. It does not install. Tried all the possible links and it does not work. I get the same message as posted by many in the forum.

Why is my licence deactivated after I decided not to continue after the trial for studio? Why can’t my software connect to validate the licence.

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Hello @Shareef, Studio and 3.5 licensing are not linked in ANY ways. We will not remove your 3.5 license if you stop using Studio.

Have you tried to restart 3.5 multiple times so it can get the auto update?

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