Personal help on changing big batches of metadata

I made a mistake when I assigned the names of the genres. I need to change them. Most of the time it is impossible to do a change of all files with a certain genre to another. The app crashes. I have found that happens when there is a change of folder, which is usual. Doe somebody know a trick to make this work?

Thank you.

After working much more with this, I have found that in the tracks with a path starting with “Volumes/” I can change the genre in very large batches with no problems. It is in the tracks with a path starting with the monitored folder that I get the frequent crashes. I wonder why it is so.

IT seems I spoke too soon. I am now having problems with the “Volumes/” paths as well after changing tons of metadata without problems.

Use a tagger like Yate or mp3tag instead of wasting your time with features that do not work properly.

You don’t say if you are Mac or Windows ?

MP3Tag is both , Yate is Mac only there is also TagScanner (Windows freebie)

Or maybe try something like SongKong which looks up via MusicBrainz , its a paid product but fills in masses of metadata without much effort

Kid 3 is an excellent free tagger with a version for both PC and Mac.

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Thank for the suggestions.