Personal Tidal playlists?

I can’t find my custom playlists from Tidal. I can see them in Audirvana 3.5, but not in Studio.

Have you clicked on this icon?


thanks a lot! but this is not obvious at all.

When you first launched Studio, did you got a window with explanations about Studio?

That icon is for edit a playlist. It doesn’t bring up your own Tidal playlists.

It bring you to all of the playlist available in Studio, not only for editing it.

It does not bring up my own Tidal playlists, or any other playlists. Hovering over the icon with the mouse brings up “edit playlists.”

Finding Masters playlists was purely by luck. However, they do not play as MQA tracks.

Can you make a screenshot of your playlist manager?

I’m not sure what you mean by playlist manager.

Yes I will take a screen shot today.

Audirvana Studio +MAC + High Sierra. If I created a new playlist it ends up under “My Music”. All old/current playlists i have - Local and Tidal can only be found in the playlist editor section. Is this the plan?