Pine Player

I’ve read one can iport playlists from other apps. However I cannot apparently do so with my Pine Player lists - ( .ppl). Is this impossible or on the list of features to include? Is there a work around. (smiley face)

if you can export them from pine in .m3u format, Audirvana will be able to import them…

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Pine Player export can export in .m3u format.

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Then after export go back in Audirvana and import them all in one time…

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*.ppl is a proprietry Pine Player format which can be used only by Pine Player itself. *.m3u is a universal format which can be exported/read by the majority of music players including Audirvana.

As others already said: Export your playlists from Pine Player to *.m3u. Import the *.m3u files in Audirvana.