Pink noise out of the speakers

Yesterday I have installed AS on my Mac. I wanted to use it via UPNP on my Naim NDX (like I do it since many years with Audirvana 3.XX) but there was a massive pink noise coming out of the speakers and music was almost inaudible.

What can or must I do to avoid this ? Currently AS is not an option…


Have same issue with my Goldnote DS-1000 upnp, and hope they fix it! On my dac it works with 16bit but 24 bit and DSD i get massive pinknoise. Works with 3,5.

I also have a 1st gen Naim streamer (N272) and was getting white / pink noise on some (but not all) Tidal MQA streams. Enabling upsampling (r8brain) in AS settings seems to have fixed this for now.

But as I’m not convinced this upsampling is good for SQ, I can’t see myself subscribing to AS unless this issue is resolved (not to mention a few others).

Same problem for me. 16/44 is Ok but with 24/96 I get white noise on my NAIM Unity 2. I Tried back A 3.5 and there is no problem.

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Strangely, the pink noise now seems to be more common with 3.5 into my Naim 272.

Stopping & restarting the track usually takes care of the problem (although this doesn’t work with Studio).

@easeback1 @futura @Belgianchocolate
I have sent a mail to support yesterday and had the surprise today to get an answer saying that they are unable to treat that problem right now but they will take care ASAP.

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I have the same issue with my naim uniti2. no noise reading HD files but they must be strictly above 96kHz which is a problem for smooth reading at least in the context of my home network and using upnp. I already sent 3 messages to audirvana support with debug info the last two weeks and got no clear answer about what they are going to do. I had the feeling to be the only one getting this problem but I can read now more and more messages about it. but it might no be so widespread ??? could be a drag to fast resolution…