Pixelated album artwork in Audirvana Remote 5.0


@Antoine The Audirvana Remote 5.0 app intermittently displays low resolution, pixelated album artwork when connected to Audirvana Studio This issue has been observed when streaming from Tidal, but not from Qobuz.


  • Audirvana Studio: Version
  • Audirvana Remote: Version 5.0
  • Host OS: Arch Linux with Linux-Zen kernel 6.8.7
  • Docker Container: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Android: Version 11

Steps to Reproduce

Note: This only happens intermittently, so I recommend you skip through a playlist of songs until you see the issue.

  1. Launch Audirvana Studio on the host machine
  2. Connect Audirvana Remote 5.0 on Android to Audirvana Studio
  3. Play an album from Tidal
  4. Observe the album artwork displayed in Audirvana Remote

Expected Result

The album artwork should be displayed in high resolution without any pixelation in the Audirvana Remote app.

Actual Result

The album artwork is sometimes displayed in low resolution and appears pixelated in the Audirvana Remote app. The issue is intermittent.


There is no consistent workaround. However, tapping on the pixelated album artwork opens it in full resolution.

Visual Proof

Image distorted:

Full resolution when tapping the image:

Additional Notes

  • This behavior has only been noted when streaming from Tidal. Qobuz album artwork should be tested.


Minor - The core functionality is not significantly impacted but it degrades the user experience.