Play count sync?

hi everybody,

Since we all have to install and reinstall, update, clean install our Mac. How can we manage to have always the “play count”.Each time I make a clean install of my Mac. I should rescan the library since a transfer doesn’t really work, and of course I m losing all of may play count…
Is there a solution ? thanks

I am talking from a Windows perspective, but for a Mac it should roughly be the same.
Audirvana keeps all its data in a database file. You can find the name and the location of that file in the Audirvana settings (under library settings). If you back up that file before reinstalling or deleting you Mac and put it back after you reinstalled Audirvana you should be good.
This has 2 advantages (assuming you did not change the location of your music library):

  • You don’t have to rescan your mudic library
  • You keep the play count and other stuff.

I did this once and it worked for me :slight_smile: Maybe there are some disadvantages or risks I don’t know about doing it this way, but you can always give it a try.