"Play here" function in remote app


I wish there would be function “play on this device” in remote apps. Volumio and Roon have option to play files from server in remote apps, and i lost that after going from Roon to Audirvana.

I can do a workaround by launching upnp renderer in UAPP player on android, then stream to it from Audirvana, but it’s overcomplicated.

Hi @Maverick565,

Can you please be more specific by sharing some screenshots? It will be easier for me to understand what you are talking about.

Something like this:

Access outside local network isn’t neccesary for me.

Does it plays on your web browser when you use this button?

Yes, but it could be only only in remote app on Android/IOS since Audirvana doesn’t have web interface for browsers.

A little late to the discussion BUT to expand on the original request .

It is a feature of Audirvana which is sadly missing , when I select music using the Audirvana Remote , I can choose which UPnP renderer to send it to, meanwhile the tablet I am using can also act as a UPnP player , why can’t I select the tablet (iPad Pro in my case).

My particular use case is to use the iPad as a Bluetooth source to feed my Sony WH -1000MX4 headphones while sitting in the garden ,



Meanwhile, you can use “BubbleUPnP” or “USB Audio Player PRO” local UPnP renderer.

Yes, i’m using this like that.

Well, yes - sorry for the confusion…