Play history / Recently played

I have used quite a few music apps / music os over the years. Subscribed to Studio solely for its Windows Kernal Streaming which is subjectively my favorite service. However, not just the remote, the AS desktop interface too it’s the only app that I can think of which does not have a recently played / play history to go back to. I am an audio shopkeeper and during auditions of equipment this feature is invalueable. I would also think this is helpful to audiophiles during “fiddling sessions”. Read up there’s something about making a playlist but why is life so difficult?

In addition, the reason I use AS over Roon which I am a lifer is the folder view but AS’ folder view functionality is primative but better than nothing.

These are in my Chirstmas wishlist :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! Love is blind haha.

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What do you want with folder view… maybe you missed it also :slight_smile: