Play music from flash drive on Windows 10

How can I get Audirvana to display and play tracks on a flash drive? I inserted a flash drive into my Windows 10 computer. Flac files stored in A:\Music and appear like this:
01 James Taylor - Something In The Way She Moves.flac
02 Joni Mitchell - Amelia.flac

17 Bela Bartok- Contrasts for Vln and Clt - 003 Sebes.flac
(I have about 20 songs I’m going to use to test different audio equipment and need a wide variety of material)

In settings, I added A:\Music as a monitored folder.
I then created a playlist and tried to set a criterion based on File location, like this:

That yielded an empty playlist.
I then tried:
then and some other variations with “” and \ vs. . None could yield a playlist. Can this be done so that Audivirna can play a folder on a portable drive?

You cannot simply add that folder from the preferences menu by clicking the + sign ?

Yes I can add from there but I can’t add via the smartplaylist, which is where I need to add it so that I can restrict my playlist to the flash drive. Can that be done?

Try File Location Contains. You can consider adding a folder that is distinctive for the location in the criteria.

Brilliant solution!! I renamed the root folder of all of my music files on the flash drive to the unique name MusicZ and the player showed only those files :grin:


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