Play one artist

When on an artist page, there is a play button (and even a shuffle button), but unfortunately these buttons play all the tracks of albums where the artist is present.

For exemple, if I have 20 compilations which contain one song of ‘Sade’ , when I want to play Sade, it will play all the tracks of my 20 compilations !

So it seems impossible to really listen by artist :frowning:

Hi @claudealain,

Can you please send a screenshot of your artist page?

Hi @Antoine !
Here is the screenshot of my artist page :

And here is the result after I clicked on ‘Shuffle’ or ‘Play’ on the artist page :

Thank you for your help !

Hi @claudealain,

If I understand correctly, you would only like to play the artist’s album but not the whole discography, right?


It would be OK if it plays tracks which are part of compilations, but only if it does not play other artists tracks of the compilation.

In short, if I click play on an artist page, I wish to hear only this artist.

Also, on the same subject…
this,when I select “The Band” -

The search algorithm needs sorting, methinks.

What does the sorting of those tracks look like?

Not sure of your meaning. I entered “The Band” in the search bar, and this the response.
It has searched as criteria = the (or) band, rather than = the ( and ) band ONLY.
If I remember my search stuff right!

The question on this topic is about the artist page, not the search of the app; that’s why I mixed things up a bit.

Are you using Audirvāna Studio with a connected streaming service?

I’m on Origin, I open Library, then Artists, then I enter the artist name into the search… which seems to search everywhere, and not just in artist… It’s quite confusing…

You may not be the only one :wink:

We are in the middle of the process of improving the overall experience in the software, such feedback is essential for us :slight_smile:

Would be nice to search within each category, albums. artist, tracks etc, with options for ‘this word only’ or ‘exact match’ or whatever this kind of search is called.