Play only a part of any DSD file

Hi all,

I am using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.33 (3563) on macOS 10.13.6.
My DSD files are on a Synology NAS DS1511+.
My Mac is whether connected via USB to a CHORD HUGO TT2 DAC or via Ethernet to a SotM SMS-200 Streamer.
Audio settings of Audirvana are DSD over PCM 1.1

Aurdivana is playing only a part of any DSD file, something like 30 secondes to 50 secondes depending on the duration of the song.

IMPOSSIBLE to play a file completly!

HD file in 24 bits or SD file in 16 bits are playing completly without any problem.

It would be great if you could help me :wink:


Have you tried to play with the preload buffer?

Yes, Preload buffer at minimum or maximum gives the same results.

A song of 8:18 minutes will only play for 1:02 minute ;-(

It is actually once the preload is done that the duration of the song is reduced to a part of it.

Can you make a screenshot when you have this issue?

Have you tried to copy one DSD file from your NAS to your Mac and try to play it with Audirvana?

I copied a file (.dsf) on my Mac, and it plays the complete duration without any problem. :wink:

I checked if Audirvana would play correctly a SACD ISO file from my NAS and it works fine.

It is actually when you play a .dff or .dsf file from the NAS that the issue occurs. You can see on the below screenshot that the total duration of the song is 05:45, while Audirvana would play only 00:43 of it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How are you connected to your NAS? Are you using Wi-Fi?

My NAS is connected via Ethernet on a Switch.
Both my Apple MacBook Pro and SotM SMS-200 are connected via Ethernet on the same switch.
No Wi-Fi.

Can you check the settings of your NAS if their not a network limitation about dsf or dff file?

I don’ think there is a limitation as, the dsf and dff file are played perfectly by the Streamer (SotM SMS-200) from the NAS using DS-AUDIO (mobile phone) or the desktop version.

By playing through Audirvana you’re doubling the bandwidth requirement. It’s even more than double, since the outbound stream is DoP packaged.

What switch do you use? Is it Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet?

The SotM is also using DoP to communicate with my DAC without any bandwith issue.

My Switch is an AQUAVOX AQ-SWITCH SE Audiophile :wink:
Speed ==> 1000 Mbit/s - 1 Gigabit, up to 2000 Mbit/s - 2 Gigabit in full duplex mode

That’s over USB so it doesn’t count towards the network bandwidth usage.

Do you have another switch you can try with? A standard gigabit network switch for example.

Regarding the USB, I am also using it when playing Audirvana from the MacBook to the DAC.
If the NAS is able to feed the SotM, it should also feed the MacBook the same way, using the same switch.

I really think the issue is coming from Audirvana.
I had no issue playing DSD file with MediaCenter 19, with exactly the same configuration as for Audirvana. :thinking:

Could very well be. Might be related to the way Audirvana fetches the data from the network and not being able to retrieve it fast enough when needed.

Have you tried making the preload cache smaller?

Yes, minimum, medium or max cache: same results ;-(

I would try with a different switch just to be sure.

As it seems that there is no solution with Audirvana, I stopped using it.
I am using BubbleUpnp on my streamer (SOtM SMS-200) and I am driving it with M-Connect on my iPhone.
It plays perfectly the DSD files from my NAS with my switch and streamer. This proves that it is not the switch which is responsible for the limitation of Audirvana!