Play queue in a different order to that set in the Remote

I set a playlist on the mac Audirvana and see it on my remote in that order. However if I go to the queue playlist (top right icon) it is in a different order altogether and it is this order that plays. Very annoying . How can I correct this?

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Hello @barrytzeppelin, thank you for the report. I could reproduce the issue on my side. this bug will be fixed on a future update of the Remote.

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I find that the fault is in Audirvana itself. Everything looks fine but if I click the playlist icon bottom right, The tracks are completely disordered? I would appreciate a fix as soon as you can because it means I have to select each track individually

By that I mean the app on my desktop

Hi I rebuilt the database in Audirvana on my mac and the playing order is now correct! Unfortunately the order in my Remote still is not.

Mis information. The play queue is still wrong on my mac. It ignores the order of the real playlist,

Hello @barrytzeppelin, thank you for those info, we will come back to you as soon as possible regarding this issue.

I’ve notice in the remote that when I use filters, the resultant list doesn’t link to the right tracks. Is that a related issue?

I don’t use any filters at the moment (I think) and I still get the problem

I and having to use the old Audirvarna + at the moment because the play queue in the new one is haywire. Thank goodness I kept the old plus!

I noticed the same issue this weekend while playing to a UPnP endpoint from Audirvana on Windows. Seems fine when playing locally, though I have done exhaustive testing of the issue. Sounds like you’re working on it, @Antoine. :slight_smile: