Play Silence At Startup For Hardware Sync


I was wondering if it was possible to implement something like JRiver’s “PLAY SILENCE AT STARTUP FOR HARDWARE SYNCHRONIZATION”, which does the following:

"Some hardware requires a lead time from when a signal is delivered to when sound is produced. This option allows outputting leading silence so no actual sound is lost in these cases. Note that this option is only in effect in two cases - at the first playback after the program starts, and between tracks with different sample rates. This silence will not be played between tracks with the same sample rate. "

I realize we have the latency delay option, but with certain DACs, or in my case the Chord M Scaler which has a very long filter upon the start of playback or changing sample rate, the beginning of tracks are cut off when starting a new track that isn’t in queue already and has the same sample rate as the previous track.

So there is no issue if the sample rate changes or if you’re just listening to an album or playlist straight through, but the first track played or any track manually selected to play that is of the same sample rate as the previous track, after several seconds have passed (this is basically the same as what JRiver refers to as “at first playback”, as enough time has passed that the M Scaler has stopped detecting a signal and requires the lead the in silence again), will skip the first 1/2 second or so. The JRiver option fixes this perfectly, and I was hoping perhaps the same could be done with Audirvana.


Same issue here with my SMSL M500 DAC.