Playback Device Indicator Displayed

Hello @Antoine , just a quick suggestion/request. What if in this open space you can show what device you’re playing back to. With multiple devices available it’s handy to quickly check that your sending to the intended device.

Or, just a quick click of the ‘show settings’ icon… I know it’s a lot of effort… :rofl:

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Well I guess I could just remember to click on the speaker looking icon to double check but it’s more fun to start playback to the wrong place then realize it’s not working then stop playback and select the proper device………….

Geez I’m tired just trying to type it out…………you know old people don’t want to have to think too much :wink:
Got the idea from………….well somewhere

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As I only have 2 external devices… both in the same room…

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Somewhere over the rainbow? :innocent:


Yeah, that’s the ticket :grimacing:
Someplace you’re probably not familiar with :roll_eyes:

By the way, Studio is working very well with the iFi zen stream device via Ethernet :+1:t2:

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