Playback hick-ups / interruptions after returning to 3.5 :-(

Hi there!

After using the Studio trial version for some time, I recently returned to my 3.5 version, where I now hear playback hick-ups / interruptions quite frequently. I had almost none of them before.

OS is Windows 10.

What can be done to deal with this issue?


Did you have them in Studio too?

Is Studio also running maybe analysing audio files?

No, no issues of that sort with Studio.

And no, Studio has be uninstalled a while ago.

Check the pre-load cache.

The value of the pre-load cache has not been changed for months. The slider is on the max right hand position.

Reduce it to 4000MB and go down from there if it doesn’t help.

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Go much lower, like 1000MB. You only have 4GB RAM?

Right, it’s just a simple laptop.

I tried different measures to solve this problem during the day, among them cleaning the connectors of the Micro SD holding the tunes and vacuum cleaning the fan grills of the laptop, and all that to some avail probably. I had no more hick-ups for at least an hour or so … :man_dancing:

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