Playback Icons (IPad)

Hi on a trail at the moment having tried Roon, So far so good!

This is probably a stupid question but could you confirm that:

  1. Random playback.

  2. Repeat play

The IPad icons appear to be dIfferent to the Mac playback icons.


EDIT: Spelling

Easy to check for yourself.
What happened when you tried them?

Thanks for the helpful reply :wink:

It was more a polite way of pointing out that the icons are not that clear. The “random” icon looks more like a “repeat” icon.

How would you design the shuffle icon?

Or some variation of that.

The current one looks more like a “Repeat” icon.

All I did was Google Shuffle icon and Repeat icon.

EDIT- Pictures

I thought I wasn’t seeing thing’s. Attached is the Mac play screen, as you can see it as “normal” shuffle and repeat icons.

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Indeed I use the Mac and did not pay too much attention to the original post. I would have guessed that the right one is repeat and other one is shuffle.

I agree. I just didn’t want my very first post on the site to be “someone’s messed up”, hence I enquired what they did :wink:

Hello @Wafubloke, thank you for your report, we will fix it in a future update of the iOS remote :slight_smile:

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