Playback mixes two songs after repeat one track and play the next

happend after i clean my library and make a clean install too…

to reproduce it just click the repeat track icon and let the track repeat 2 times or skip it a bit till it ends then after 2 time of repeat click the repeat icon to off and let the next song play…then you hear a mix of 2 songs… this happend every single time…

Hi @JohnnyFire,

Interesting finding here. So you are in this mode when you have this behavior, right?


yes antoine! its so weird one…

I will try to reproduce this when I have more time for this :wink:

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i hope its easy to see the issue, if not im here to help each other!

its not the repeat all, its the repeat one icon btw… :stuck_out_tongue:

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will be hard to reproduce it,
i tried to make a video to help you but at happend from 6 to 10 times its kinda random

link: 388895464_6764696240251102_3627632294048487461_n.mp4