Playback not gapless on Sony UBP-X800M2

Hi, I am trying out Audirvana and there is a lot to like. However, when I play local files on my computer with the Windows app via UPnP/DLNA to my Sony Blu-ray player, UBP-X800M2, the playback is not gapless. There is a definitely audible break between tracks. I looked at the debug info and it says Gapless playback: Yes. What is more, foobar2000 (foo_out_upnp) plays these tracks seamlessly. Is there a way to get Audirvana to do it too?

This happens also with streaming from Qobuz, but I am focusing on local files for now because a contrast with foobar2000 is possible and might suggest a fix? Thank you.


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Same here, although a different Sony model.

Thank you. Same thing, gaps between tracks, on my Onkyo TX-8270 receiver (connected to network by Ethernet cable, in this case, if that matters). I am new to this forum. Does anyone know, should I expect Audirvana tech people to read this and address the issue, or should I contact them directly?

I have the same problem with an OPPO 205. I wish someone would address these issues.

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Seconded - my OPPO 205 also fails to play Audirvana gapless - other alternatives do. Is there an OPPO fix I wonder?