Playback of Ogg Vorbis files

Greetings, all,

Any way to get Audirvana+ to play Ogg files? Did it used to work, but is now broken? Did it maybe rely on the now defunct XiphQT? It would appear that OGG playback is supported, based on what I saw when I ran a trial about a year ago, when I looked in

Audirvana Plus > About Audirvana Plus > Acknowledgements >

OGG (1.3.2)

Monty <>and the rest of the Xiph.Org Foundation

Copyright © 2002, Foundation

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or withoutmodification, are permitted provided that the following conditionsare met:- Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyrightnotice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.- Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyrightnotice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in thedocumentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.- Neither the name of the Foundation nor the names of itscontributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived fromthis software without specific prior written permission.

But I could not add any Ogg files to library or queue…

I’ve got Ogg playback in VLC, Swinsian, Cog, etc, but wanna try using Audirvana. I’m on MacOS High Sierra.


takes about 15 sec to convert that for free without lost in a regular worldwide known flac, wav, aif, alac whatever you want without any trouble other than ogg file downloaded from internet from a person who wants to invent something that didn’t come popular, same thing with .cue files that might bug you also or .iso or…

If I can locate the credits to Xiph for implementation of the Ogg codec within Audivana’s software acknowledgments, you can safely assume I am tech-savvy enough to known that I can transcode Ogg files into needlessly larger lossless formats as you mention, to avoid the further degradation inherent in converting from one lossy format to another. Also, to your assumption about the source of my collection, my Ogg files are not downloaded from the internet, but rather are from CDs I owned or still own and RIP’d (and don’t wish to RIP again), because I switch between platforms and often use Linux where Ogg support has always been freely available; and every other media player I have used either under Linux, Windows, or macOS shy of iTunes supports it; and as far back as my first use of an Android, Ogg Vorbis files have been supported, with gapless playback. There are online retailers who sell Ogg downloads, at least Bandcamp comes to mind for starters, and it has had quite a successful presence in streaming, most famously as the format Spotify uses. The “person who wants to invent something that didn’t come popular” in the case of Ogg Vorbis is, the same non-profit corporation that brought us the very first lossless alternative you mention, FLAC - a format with no built-in support in my preferred desktop operating system (macOS) , until recently in (Windows 10) no built-in support in the world’s most widespread desktop operating system, but again always there in Linux. To most consumers in “regular worldwide” use, FLAC is probably no better known than Ogg, possibly less so due to Spotify’s success. I am not sure why you mention cue files or iso, as at least in my limited experience, Audirvana handles those both fine.

i long time ago decided to get rid of those files, ogg, ape, cue, iso…when using A+. I don’t use Linux or PC all mine are now in flac and .dsf, maybe a couple of mp3 albums i can’t find. With A+, Cues give me some trouble sometimes when badly split album songs or cue sheet was there too with the split songs. ISO are lock so no good to make changes to them, good if you edit them in A+ without your database crashed, then you’ll have to edit all those ISO SACD again like i wanted them, Arf. Mine library is perfect now and simple :slight_smile: Good luck with the ogg ones, maybe in next release you’ll be good

Thanks. If I were still all-Apple I think I’d switch to Audirvana Plus, it’s a very nice application with a clean interface and it seems to run smoothly even on my old Mac. Congrats on getting your library perfectly in order and simple - I know what a challenge that can be!

Yes it was a real challenge and A+ didn’t make it easy with all it updates and changes in library but now all is set and saved everyday that i do some changes in it :grinning:

Maybe the PC version and the new mac interface coming soon will give you something more… but i will do a real library backup before installing that version :grinning: