Playback Procedure Rules

It would be convenient if the user could create playback procedure rules. For example the user could setup a rule so that if MQA was the source, a specific set of rules would govern the playback. Audirvana would check for the rule and implement it. For MQA the user could select Kernel Streaming with a specific volume setting and EQ. Each time MQA source is played, these rules are implemented. Another rule could be made for CD playback, DSD, etc.

Would make for a more pleasant experience.

Thank you.

Mqa its bad, we don’t need that

This is not about MQA at all (my playback procedure rule would be if it’s a MQA file, skip it haha).

This could be interesting, although it’s a bit of an advanced feature (on my end I don’t see myself using it). Since I was one of those requiring for playback procedures tied to the output, I totally get how, in some use case, it could be useful for some people. Especially for plug-ins / EQ (like always enabling a certain plug-in when playing mp3 etc.).

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I don’t know about playback rules creating a “… more pleasant experience…” … However advanced playback rules would allow a more customizable experience for some…

Personally, I would like to have the option to turn-off back-ground Play Queue file loading, so to have a simpler ‘one-shot’ track selection play from album track view, that only loads the selected track and not the whole album of tracks into the queue, and after track/file playback ends, the queue is cleared.

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when seeing a track anywhere, just right click it and Add to Play queue…
this will only add that song… if you right click another song and Add to queue,
it will be played next after the last song…

Yes this adds the single track file… however it does not clear it from the queue after playback… the queue just keeps filling the pre-load memory… and the CPU Load increases accordingly until all files are loaded…