Playback "stops" using Chord Hugo TT DAC


I am at my wits end with this one - I have no idea how to solve this. :frowning:

Mid-song, Audirvana Plus will “stop” playing the song - but it hasn’t come to a complete “stopped” state. Clicking the Play / Pause button will not resume playback, but clicking the Stop button followed by Play will bring the music back to life. However, this will only work for a few more tracks, when it decides to break again. Another strange part of all this, is that the “now playing” track shown at bottom of screen doesn’t always move to the correct track, and playback appears to break when playing on the wrong track name. The issue occurs whether I am streaming from Tidal, or whether I am playing local FLAC files.

The strange part is that playback works perfectly through my rubbish laptop soundcard, but not my £3000 DAC. :frowning:

I can also confirm that the Hugo TT is not being detected as “removed and reinserted” by Windows.

Does anyone have any ideas on troubleshooting the cause of this? Playback works fine in JRiver Media Center, which also upscales my audio bit rate / frequency with Sox.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: I am quickly approaching the end of my trial, but I can’t purchase Audirvana when it doesn’t seem to play well with my DAC.


I have managed to replicate this issue to the point where playback stops on the exact same second of the exact same track. :slight_smile:

Please refer to following screenshot:

Play the album “Welcome to the World” by Massive Wagons from the start. It will play the first 4 tracks correctly. When the 5th track is played, Audirvana still shows the 4th track as playing, and playback freezes at 4:04 in the 5th track (even though it looks like it is the 4th track).

Is it a coincidence that playback is stopping at exactly 10 seconds before the 5th track is due to end? Maybe Audirvana is doing something 10 seconds before the “proper track” ending (e.g. starting to cache the next track), but is struggling because the “display track” is actually indicating that there is 47 seconds left? Overwriting the buffer maybe…?