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For some reason, my album art playback window is going into full screen mode today. I formerly had it arranged to take about half of the screen with my plugins running on the other half and it typically just remembers the position for plugins. The artwork window always jumps to a different display the first time I switch to that view after launching Audirvana, but once moved, it will return to the position that I have set as I go in and out of that view. Today, when I switch to this view, it is in full screen/maximized view and I cannot figure out how to restore the window down so that I can re-size it to my preferred layout again. Any suggestions?

Do you mean this window?

I am on Windows and can click the maximize/normalize toggle (see picture) to accomplish that. When in normalized mode I can resize the window with the mouse.

If you mean another window please apply a screenshot.

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Yes, that window, but it switched into full screen and wouldn’t switch out. I can exit that window and go back to the main application window, but only toggle between the two. Oddly enough, after I restarted the application a couple of times I noticed that I could resize the window down to my preferred size manually. Initially, though, the resize arrows would not appear. Very strange. This might not have been an Audirvana problem specifically, but it’s the first time that I experienced the problem. I will say that this is not the first time I’ve seen strange window/UI behavior in Windows 11 in general so it could have been more related to the OS. I’m not sure at this point. Thanks!

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Yes, I encountered some strange behaviour in Windows 11 as well. Windows sometimes do not get focus and I have to click several times to activate them. In Edge I sometimes loose the maximize and close button. I get the impressions it has something to do with this new ‘auto arrange’ feature in Windows 11, but I can not put my finger on it exactly, because it is not repeatable.

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