Player does not play anymore

Everything was working fine for months, but all of sudden my ASPlayer does not play anymore. Find the file, find my audio device (an UPnP/DNLA Network player to a DAC), load the file, but… “playback is stopped” as shows the “audio” screen:

I used to play through Kernel, but it does not work from Wasapi or Asio as well. I’ve tried to low down the buffer to 1000MB, with no results.

Last week I installed what looked like a major update of W11. Has this anything to do with this issue???

Really annoyed, and wanting to get back my beloved ASPlayer…

Many thanks to whoever may share any clue, it has to be something stupid I cannot see now. (Debug not posted below, because it has more links than allowed for a newbie here. Available for send the text in another way)

Try to power cycle the UPnP device.

Thank you so much, you’re a genius!!! Yes, I use to keep all my electronics powered permanently, as recommended by the manufacturers, and some malfuntion might have happened to my UPnP network bridge (or to their linear power suppy attached). Classic on/off process and everything is ok again. THANKS!

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