Playing a Playlist in shuffle mode

Hi there,
I’m reporting this on behalf of a friend who is a newcomer to AS (I did my job as an evangelist an now he is converted to Nirvana in Audio ;-))

He imported several playlists from an external source and tried to play them in shuffle mode.

Surprisingly, after the end of the first track, playing back restarts with the very same track.

This is something I tried on my own setup (AS 2.3.0 on a Mac) and I did not observe the same behaviour (He has a PC).

Anyway, what confuses me is the fact that using the 'shuffle" toggle at the playlist level (Top of the screen when you display the playlist), AS toggles the shuffle button at the bottom. My understanding is that the shuffle button at the bottom activates the mode but from the playing queue and not from the playlist. The queue is filled with all tracks in the playlist when you start playing the playlist.

If anybody has a clue or at least a similar behaviour observed with AS, I would be interested to know more.

Hi @patifr,

Thank you for preaching the good will of Nirvana in Audio :wink:

The first thing that comes to my mind is maybe he has this enabled, this would explain why the track he is playing is repeating:


Hi Antoine,
Thanks. I’ll check with him.


If my understanding is correct, he tried to deactivate the repeating mode (repeat the first track) but there is no change in terms of behaviour.

Can you tell him to reach me out to and send le some screenshots of his interface?

OK, je lui dit.


Ok, for those who might be interested by the answer.

Finally, the problem was solved by switching ON the gapless management by AS. Do not ask me why that solution finally works, but it does.

We narrowed the issue by trying to play a playlist in shuffle mode but direct to the default sound output: and that worked.
So, we understood that the issue was more on the Pearl Akoya side (The render he would like to use) than on AS one.
And then, he tried to toggle that gapless thing and, halleluyah, it worked.

Still some interruptions when playing music using Wifi but we cannot chase all issues at the same time.