Playing an Album from an Artist List after viewing tracks

This could be operator error but if I,

a) search for an artist I get a layout of all the albums.
b) I can choose an album and add that to the play list or play next
c) but if I click on the album to see the tracks I cannot see an obvious way to play the album from that view. I have to go back to the album list and find it and add it then.

This is perhaps no big deal and a minor inconvenience but in the few weeks I have been using this it would have been a nice feature. Thank you

Hello @Alastair,

I totally understand your point, it has been requested by many user and we are taking a look at it to make it more convenient to play the album with a button to do it. For the moment if you want to start to play an album you need to go in this album and play a track in it so it will play all of the album tracks.

Thanks for the quick reply - glad it’s something you are considering. All the best. A

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