Playlist Folder Views

I have created a number of Smart Playlists.

Due to the small limit of 3 Playlist shortcuts I have also created a Playlist Folder, which I have moved all of my Smart Playlists into.

I have created a Playlist Folder shortcut and when I click into it under My Music in the left pane, it opens up a view containing every track from all the Smart Playlists inside. i.e. it Defaults to ‘Show folder contents’ without me asking.

I would much prefer an option to set it so that when clicked, it shows the Smart Playlists instead. This can be done by clicking My Playlists then selecting the Playlist Folder, but that extra click is annoying.

Hi @Flynny,

indeed there is something missing here we need to add in the next update of Audirvāna. Thanks for the heads up on this :smiley: