Playlist for windows10 version


first question : is there a means to import playlist created by VLC, ITunes or Windows media player ?. When I try to import playlist, only one playlist format is recognized “playlist windows m3U”. point is that I get an error message when I select this playlist file ( “unhandledexception”)

Second question : I am used to drop in my c:\users\music directory all kind of audio files. I try to create a playlist by 'adding a directory/ajouter un dossier", and select my music directory. But I can’t find the way to do this, the screen I am presented doesn’t allow to pick the music directory.
Is there any trick there ?

Looking forward to see the windows user guide.

Thks in advance

Could you send me by PM or email your .m3u file that causes the exception so I can analyze it?

To create a playlist that lists all the files inside a folder, you can create a smart playlist, and set the file location as criteria. Note that you have to
omit the c:\ at the beginning of the path criteria.

The playlist folder you have created is a folder to contain other playlists in the playlist hierarchy.

  • Hi, thks for the help, but not certain your blog accept any attachement upload. So I can’t share with you the playlist file unless you provide an email address for this.

  • I may be thick, but I tried many times the smart playlist. Selecting emplacement for the selection critera and \users\name\music or c:\users\name\music. I got no result. So I will wait for a video to be posted on the matter, but the windows version is really lagging 3 version back the Apple one.


  • Quite disapointing by the slowness (or incapacity) to associate picture with album


  • And of course, the sound is pretty impressive to the point you can hear right away poor recording from stellar one (Dire Straits …)