Playlist How-to?

I use Audirvana Studio, and have driven myself to distraction trying to create smart playlist. I can create a manual playlist and individually move tracks to it. I now wish to create a smart playlist and have failed miserably. An example selection criteria would be (Composer contains Stravinsky and title contains “Rite” or “Sacre”). I can’t create it no matter what. I read forum posts related to playlists but could not find anything that addressed my issue directly.

Might there be some guide I can read that would clarify things for me? I wondered if I was just stupid, and opened Musicbee to perform the same task. If I failed at that I was stupid. I created the smart playlist in Musicbee in a few minutes, so I’m not stupid, just woefully uninformed.

Hello @baxsc01,

To create your smart playlist, have you clicked on the icon at the right of the folder icon?