Playlist import from 3.5

I’ve just installed the trial version of Origin on the same Mac that has 3.5 installed. I have dozens of dozen of playlists and a few playlist folders in 3.5, none of which have been imported into Origin.

From a few threads I found, I take it this should happen automatically after staring Origin, correct?

Would anybody know how to import the playlists?

Thank You

Additional info:

I have about 6 music source folders (for different genres and file formats) which I added to Origin first thing after installing.

Does really nobody have an idea what I should do? I can‘t imagine the concept is to export/import each playlist individually (assuming that would work)

in 3.5 when i create a playlist, after it is set, i right click it and export to a playlists folder…
then i have it to import anywhere after…

3.5 cannot export all playlists in one shot… bad 3.5…
it as to be export one at the time… a pain!
but it can import all your playlists that were saved in one shot with shift key

if you made custom folders in 3.5 to put some playlists you will have to remake those folders…

then when all is good in Origin or Studio, go to preferences panel and backup in one shot your playlists. this backup can be loaded back in Studio or Origin if you delete your database .sqlite file…

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Thanks a lot!!

So it is true, all playlists will have to be exported manually in 3.5. This will take a while…

Will do

Thanks again