Playlist in Left Column

After updating to 3.5.46 I can’t see the full name of my playlists in the left column. They show a reduced number of characters. How can I increase that number?

Try to resize that column to the right and back where it was

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Thank you very much for your answer. Solved! I resized it to the minimum and back where it was. Everything is fine now.

Not solved: Resizing works, but after restart of A the problem comes back.

You are right. The problem is not solved, I have to resize every time I restart Audirvana.

just rename the playlist that is squeezed and hit enter adjust the vertical bar…
then put back its real name after.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it didn’t work

Updated to 3.5.50: The problem is still not solved.
@Antoine : Will it be solved?