Playlist management


I just started using audirvana, with itunes and OSX. I connected AV with Itunes/music and the import was successful. But I have old playlists I want to delete. how do I do this?

Right click with mouse on them

I’m using a mac laptop, no mouse. Command, option, control and shift tried in conjunction with click do nothing.

Just reading your comment on iphone i can use vnc viewer app to see my no mouse, keyboard, screen macmini and do a two fingers on my iphone screen to see the contextual menu…

Maybe your mouse is not set for showing contextual menu on your mac?

Hi, is it possible to rearrange manually the playlist list on the left? (I mean not automatic alphabetical order)

Hello @prettyyoungtunes, the order is alphabetical and we do not plan to make it manually.

Ok thanks, I’ve managed to numbered them so I can have it the order I want