Playlist Volume Leveling

It would be nice to be able to volume level tracks in a playlist only. Is it possible to do this so that only when you play a particular playlist the tracks are leveled but just for that playlist. Thanks



an usefull option !

Hello @boleary,

Interesting, but what would be the volume level of the playlist then given that you have many tracks at different level in it?

that is a valid question.
I would suggest one of 3 possibilities: the lowest value within the playlist, the highest or the average.
But I cannot speak for other users.

This is a feature of XXHighend playback software, which I used to use. It was really helpful. It used the highest volume level in the playlist but I think the lowest should be tried. Using the highest is more bothersome if a subsequent track turns out to be too loud; I would rather have it too soft.


Sorry just seeing this. See my response below about XXHighend software. It used the loudest sounding tracks volume level to adjust all tracks up too. As stated below I think the least loud track’s value should be used. Glad for your listening!


Ok, I will check about this with Damien to know what we can do about it. I can’t guarantee you anything about it since we have other features that will come up before looking at this.

Thanks, really appreciate it.