Playlist with all the same covers

I have a playlist with more than 300 disco classics. When you see the list all songs have the same album cover but when you play the song you see the right cover? Is it possible to see all the right album covers of the songs when I select this playlist?

Hi @GoldenlioN,

Can you share some screenshots of what you are talking about?

You see if I play"Waling on sunshine" you see the right cover. This playlist is synced with Apple Music.

If you try to click on the sync button in Audirvāna settings for iTunes, do you still get the same cover?


I synced with iTunes, but they stay the same.

Can you share a screenshot of the folder containing those tracks?

You mean where they are original placed?

And this is the map in Apple Music

Do you have a jpg file in this folder?

There is no jpg in this folder, i get rid of all the numbers before the songs in this map and cleaned Apple Music en made the map disco classics again and then I synced it again with Audirvana. But as you see they still have the same cover. If I play the songs they give the right cover. It’s fine by me this way but I was just curious how this could happen.


If it’s a compilation album, the alobum cover is showing in the album view… But each song may have the original album artwork embedded, so this shows in track view or when played.

Thanks for the info reddog, have a nice day.

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