Playlists Are Not Importing

Audirvana version 3.5.33 (3563); Mac OS v. 10.15.4 (19E287)

Cannot get playlists to import. Tried .m3u, .m3u extended, and .m3u8 formats (exported from JRM C26). Used to work without incident. Oddly, if I go to the Finder, right-click the .m3u file, select “open with,” and then choose Audirvana, the playlist does fill Audirvana’s playing queue.

Also, I can’t find a way to save the queue as a playlist.


Hello @afg1947, did you add the file of the playlist in Audirvana before importing it?

Hi Damien,

Used File/Import Playlist. Selected the .m3u file. But the playlist did not show up in Audirvana’s list of playlists. (Actual music files of the songs in the playlist were already in Audirvana’s database.)

– Al

Can you send me one of the song contained in this playlist and send me this playlist at


Yes i am also having that issue. I saved the playlist to the same drive before i did a format of the mac and couldn’t import that list after the re install. Yet i tried a small new playlist exported it, then deleted it and imported that one ok.