Playlists Are Not Importing

Audirvana version 3.5.33 (3563); Mac OS v. 10.15.4 (19E287)

Cannot get playlists to import. Tried .m3u, .m3u extended, and .m3u8 formats (exported from JRM C26). Used to work without incident. Oddly, if I go to the Finder, right-click the .m3u file, select “open with,” and then choose Audirvana, the playlist does fill Audirvana’s playing queue.

Also, I can’t find a way to save the queue as a playlist.


Hello @afg1947, did you add the file of the playlist in Audirvana before importing it?

Hi Damien,

Used File/Import Playlist. Selected the .m3u file. But the playlist did not show up in Audirvana’s list of playlists. (Actual music files of the songs in the playlist were already in Audirvana’s database.)

– Al

Can you send me one of the song contained in this playlist and send me this playlist at


Yes i am also having that issue. I saved the playlist to the same drive before i did a format of the mac and couldn’t import that list after the re install. Yet i tried a small new playlist exported it, then deleted it and imported that one ok.



same problem on version 3.5.37. Any thoughts?

Before adding your playlist, have you added the folder where your music is stored?

everything is setup. It will only import playlists that it exported. Playlists from previous versions on 3.5 and 3.2 are not imported.
And the disk drives names have not been changed or anything else on the OS

I have been having problems importing playlists exported from Music for months. I have two Macs, and on the 2018 Mac Mini it works fine; on the 2015 Macbook Pro it does not work. I am running the latest versions of Catalina (10.15.6 (19G73)) and Audirvana (Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.38 (3568)). I discovered a fix while syncing the Music libraries between the two computers. Basically my drill was to copy the Music folder onto an external drive from the source computer (approximately 200 Gig). Then plug the drive into the target computer and do the following:

  1. in Music go into Songs, select all, and then Delete from Library, but don’t delete the files. You don’t want to transfer all that data to the Trash folder
  2. start up iTerm (you can use terminal); navigate to the iTunes/iTunes Media folder; rm -rf Music
  3. copy the Music folder from the external drive to iTunes/iTunes Media: cp -rp (path to external drive music folder) .
  4. start up Music; do File ==>> Add to Library; select the newly copied Music folder
  5. you now have a fresh copy of your Music library from the source computer

The next step is what I think fixed the problem

  1. start audirvana; I am set up to do an automatic sync of the iTunes/iTunes Media/Music folder; it syncs EVERYTHING because from Audirvana’s perspective everything is new. After the sync is completed I am able to import libraries again.

Since you are not trying to sync Music between 2 different computers I am suggesting an abbreviated version of the above drill:

  1. start Music, go into Songs, select all, and then Delete from Library, but don’t delete the files.
  2. do File ==>> Add to Library; select the Music folder
  3. once the import has completed, start audirvana
  4. sync the Music folder (happens automatically for me)
  5. once the sync has completed try importing a playlist you exported from iTunes
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