Playlists are on an older computer that I just unlicensed to upgrade computers

I just unlicensed a MacBook Pro to move the license to a new MacBook Pro and now I can’t move all the playlists because they are on the older computer? This is nuts and shouldn’t be this complicated. Where (on the old computer) are these playlist files are stored? I currently only have one computer licensed and A+ won’t let me sign into the older computer for 24 hours (another dumb idea).
Thanks Paul

Your playlist are stored in the Audirvana database. This database is by default located here:

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 09.09.42

You can copy this file in your new computer at the same location to see your playlist again.

Excellent! Thank you, Sir.

but after putting back your backup, export those playlist to another place… that way, if you have to trash your database for some reasons, you won’t lose them after that :slight_smile:

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